What is Imané?

At Imané, I create with intention. I aim for everyday action as a business and an entrepreneur to have a positive social impact.

Quality, Authenticity, Connection and Creativity are the four directions of my compass.



At Imané, I care. Small details matter. I look for the best quality in the fabric I'm using for the collection and handmake each article with passion.

I value the people I work with and look to support businesses, local whenever it's possible, who share the same ethics.

I nurture our relationship to share with you the best possible experience.

I take care of my well-being in this journey and stay physically and emotionally balanced and healthy.

Imané is a project constantly evolving. I'm self-taught and keep experimenting and learning along the journey. I trust my intuition and grow the business organically. It comes with all the beautiful imperfect(act)ions and the uniqueness of each product and service.

Sisterhood is our place to empower each other. I love sharing stories and moments with you to connect our cultures and experiences. Remember I'm only one email, DM or call away so if you want to share an idea or a story, contact me.


We are all creative, from our hands, hearts and minds. Creativity is our own ressource to tap into to find our own way of living and expressing ourselves. You don't have to be artistic to be creative, it can be tapping into your imagination, questioning the status quo and looking at the world from different perspectives.

From a passion to a business, there are new questions that came along. The main one for me was to start producing in bigger volume and keep it sustainable, avoiding the waste. At Imané, I'm operating in small quantities. I order what I need and am looking to constantly improve the business model to make it sustainable. That's why I design limited collections, upcycle fabrics and work on made to order options to only produce what you need.


At Imané, I share stories and celebrate your talents and your creativity.


Thanks for joining the tribe.