A French story with a new chapter in Melbourne

Bonjour! I’m Raphaëlle welcome to Imané - the next chapter of the story Histoires de Filles!

This tale originates in 2005, in the north of France with my Mum, Frédérique. After a career as a lawyer and four children, she decided to turn her passion for fabrics, sewing and embroidery into her job. She created Histoires de Filles - which translates to the ‘Stories of Girls.’

As genetics would have it, her creativity and passion were passed onto me, her only daughter. It became a family business. Mum and I shared in the belief that we could create social value through the power of business taking inspiration from Histoires de Filles - bringing joy, love, passion and spirit into this entrepreneurial journey.

After moving permanently to Melbourne, I have decided to bring those girls’ stories along with me, but the time has come to tread my own path. This is the beginning of the story of Imané. I am excited to begin writing my chapter, thank-you for coming along for the journey. 


Rapha xx


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