Clutch Alma - "by Aqila"

Clutch Alma - "by Aqila"

Celebrate women's talents and creativity! This design Clutch Alma is featuring handmade embroideries from a community of women in Shahrak, a young city near Harat in West Afghanistan.. Those talented female embroiderers tell their stories through motifs and colours. Each Clutch is unique.


*Clutch designed and handmade in Melbourne by Rapha

*Large clutch with top zipper

Measurements: approx. 28cm W. x 18cm H.

*The embroidery is made of silk thread.

*Clutch is made of upholstery French linen fabric

*Lining is made of coated linen fabric with small pocket inside

*Silk tassel


The story behind this design:

This Collection is an ode to women, our talents and creativity. The hand embroideries are made by a community of women in Shahrak, a young city near Harat in West Afghanistan. This program gives an opportunity to those talented embroiderers to generate some income and preserve their traditional skills. The majority of those women are Shiites who fled to Iran during the war and have now returned. They design and create their embroideries. They can tell their own stories through the motifs and colours of their embroideries. About 30 embroiderers produce very fine embroideries using silk thread called Keshide.


I was touched by their creativity, their skills and the finesse of their pieces. Featuring those embroideries in our design Clutch Alma is an opportunity to connect cultures and women around the world with Afghan embroideries, French linen and all handmade in Melbourne.


I use offcuts of high-quality upholstery French linen to sublime those embroideries. The linen has this contrast of elegance and robustness.


Every single Clutch is UNIQUE.