Clutch Ella - "Bush sultana & coated linen blue denim"

Clutch Ella - "Bush sultana & coated linen blue denim"

Our design Clutch Ella is a classic medium size flat clutch. It is ideal to carry your essential nonessentials. It's a simple design for a versatile use.


This version of our Clutch Ella is made with the accredited Aboriginal prints from the artist Audrey Napanangka. We combined the printed fabric with plain coated linen fabric to match the subtle colours and highlight the finesse of the pattern. 


* Designed and Handmade in Melbourne

* Medium size flat purse with top zipper 

Measurements: Approx. 24cm W x 13cm H

* The pattern fabric is an accredited Aboriginal prints 100% cotton. The bottom and lining is a coated 100% linen fabric. The lining in coated linen is water-resistant and easy to maintain, it gives rigidity and durability to the clutch. 

* Small pocket inside to keep your tiny essentials. 


The story behind this print: 

This print is an accredited aboriginal design by the great artist Audrey Napanangka. This design shows this native nutrient Australian desert raisin called Kutjea. These fruits dry on the bush and look like raisins. They have a strong pungent smell of tamarillo and caramel which make them popular for use in sauces and condiments.