Tote Carla - "Spirit place" & coated linen silver sparkles

Tote Carla - "Spirit place" & coated linen silver sparkles

Our design Tote Carla is a simple, elegant and practical handbag. There is a thought behind every details. 


This version of our Tote Carla is made with the accredited Aboriginal prints from the artist Bernadine Wallace. We combined the printed fabric with plain coated linen fabric to match the subtle colours and highlight the finesse of the pattern. 


Please note: We use different parts of the fabric so the pattern may vary. 


* Designed and handmade in Melbourne 

* Medium size handbag with lining and inner pockets

Measurements: Approx. 42cm H x 25cm W

* The pattern fabric is an accredited Aboriginal prints 100% cotton. The bottom and lining is a coated 100% linen fabric. The lining in coated linen is water-resistant and easy to maintain, it gives rigidity and durability to the handbag.

* 3 pockets inside: 1 large open pocket & 1 large zipped pocket on one side and 1 small open pocket on the other side.

* Double cotton handles to give the option of carrying the handbag comfortably on your shoulder or by hand. 


The story behind this print: 

This print is an accredited aboriginal design by the great artist Bernadine Wallace. Bernadine Wallace learnt artwork and dreaming from her mother, Kathy Wallace, and her grandmother. This design depicts the corroboree. Traditionally the corroboree is a ceremonial meeting. Her artwork beautifully depicts men, women and children attending the corroboree. They often discuss religion, friendships and other social matters. The circles in dots represent the people who are deeply involved in discussions sitting around the waterholes. The over-shape semicircles are indicating pathways to travel. Small circles in middle depict fruit trees.